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Anyone that does not want to read about my simply WONDERFUL weekend, stop now. If you want to read me burble happily, why, just click here.

So, I went to Muskogee this weekend for the Ren Fest. I accompanied malvito, who was a wonderful travelling companion. I really DID mean to let him drive home, like I told him, but habit took over when it was time to leave, then I was in the perfect driving state and got kind of mulish about stopping, even to change drivers. ;p But I am getting ahead of myself.

As malvito is cast, we arrived at the Castle at 8, so I just sort of wandered in. I wore my green gown: (Note the cleavage, this may have played an important role in (at least) one of my anecdotes.)

as it was supposed to be dry on Saturday (and was) but wet on Sunday (and was).

After the morning meeting, but before opening, I lamented to rowangolightly that I didn’t know what to do with myself. She had a truly genious idea! As the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting was not able to attend this weekend, having suffered a double tradegy just the day before, the Queen was alone. I offered her my services and was accepted. NOTHING could have been more perfect. A) I had some experience in the position and had learned from it, B) I didn’t have to interact directly with patrons any more often than I was comfortable with and C) I was in a truly wonderful place to flirt outrageously with some fun and MMMMM-MMM handsome gentlemen.

The whole cast was so very welcoming I can hardly believe it. And Lisa (the Queen) seemed truly grateful for my assistance, when all I did was hold her cup (Egg Lady cup, very valuable and not to be dealt with carelessly), and/or parasol, made sure to offer water often and even was seemly psychic in getting her out of an interaction that took too long (Little old lady type. I am sure she was sweet, but I am just as sure she could talk the ear off a stalk of corn) The truth is I was watching her for a good time to interupt to offer water, and seemed to get it right. ;)

Sir Duncan (I got to witness his knighting ceremony after the last joust of last year’s KCRF) recognized me right off, and told me he had a picture of me with the PERFECT expression on my face - while my Queen was being held at knife point by himself during the last joust of last year’s KCRF. I SO enjoyed my times in that royal box, but the BEST time was being able to scream and cry and carry on and be COMPLETELY USELESS while the Queen was held hostage to the King’s good behaviour. And now to be told I had the perfect expression. :D I am sure it’s hilarious and I will die of both laughter and embarrassment to see it, but I can’t wait. And I reserve the right to tease him mercilessly until I do. ;) He forgot to bring it Sunday.

Sir William also recognized me right off or at least my face was familiar enough for him to bluff until he figured it out. ;)

Sir RODERICK, now. Hee hee! There were a few times the knights came into the Queen’s presence (most specifically during the Queen’s Tea) on both days, but it wasn’t until Sunday’s Morning Meeting, when I wore my Spanish gown, that Roderick recognized me. I watched his face light up with recongnition and a smile blossom on his face, only to freeze. Then he said, somewhat desperately, “Were you here yesterday?” TOO, TOO funny! I couldn’t help chuckling and grinning madly while I said “Yes, but I was wearing a big GREEN gown”. I suspect the cleavage might have got him. :D But it could just be the change in dress and I am perfectly willing to forgive him. I don’t tend to recognize people myself when I am used to as big a hint as that dress represented and the hint is missing.

There was another incident that sticks in my mind, but the details don’t, unfortunately. It was during the Queen’s Tea on Sunday where Seamus dug himself a SERIOUSLY deep verbal hole why trying to blitz the Queen with charm to hide the fact that he was skirt chasing (last year he won the right to court the Queen, but was rather remiss this year in actually DOING so. ;) ) The Queen (and everyone else) was nearly convulsed with laughter over that one. I couldn’t see expressions, as the Queen had her back to me and was in front of Seamus, so my first hint that something was going seriously wrong was when Seamus stopped talking mid-sentence and the Queen didn’t take up the verbal ball. I suspected she’d popped a grape in his mouth to stop him talking, but no, he’d just realized that saying that seeing the Queen simply increased his hunger was a really bad direction to go. :D

There were all the people I saw and interacted with who were so warm and caring and welcoming! Lady Grace, who is a wonderful drunk ditz in charater and incredibly sweet natured in truth. Mother Jack, who in truth worries about the kings health, but took the time to help me when a migraine tried to attack me during the children’s knighting on Saturday (and wasn’t I mortified by that! But, while I got the blind spots and the numb/tingling hand, I managed to stave off the pain and (more importantly to me at the time) the nausea. Corset, velvet, nausea. Ye gods, no!). malvito of course, although there was little our character had to do with each other. And the Queen, who was so incredibly gracious and I am so thankful for! If I list off all the men I flirted with I will embarrass myself. ;) But I must say it was good to see rowangolightly, thebruce and desahra. I also saw, but barely got to talk to, tapestry01.

My brain’s a jumble, so if I have missed anyone I will be properly mortified, but not, alas, surprised.

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