Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

She just keeps doing it!

LKH posted in her journal about her grandmother and here I am musing on my grandfather and other things again. She talked of how her grandmother often called her by her mother's name and tried to make her be her mother, and how a friend of her mother's called her by her mother's name several times at the funeral.

When I put my son in my grandfather's arms, we aren't sure he knew it was his grandaughter doing the presenting - he may have thought I was my mother (but he talked so very little it was hard to tell). And why not? His children had been presenting babies to him for 26 years by then and my mother presented the most (but only by one). How was he to know, in his confused state, that the very first baby was presenting this one? Heck, while my brothers and I were fliping through an old year book once, my eye caught on a picture of 'me', and about the same time my brain was figuring out that couldn't be, one of my brother's said 'Kerri, what are you doing in...?" It was my mother - no glasses, darker hair and a in a style I have never worn, but every one of us saw me. Looking directly at the picture, I couldn't see it (as LKH says she can't see the resemblance between herself and her mother's pictures, either), it was the glance as the pages flipped that gave it away.

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