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Failure to communicate. Oh yeah.

Our client wants us to filter their solution through a 30 micron filter. At first he said 'nylon' so I went looking. I couldn't find anything of the sort, so I sent a link to the only 30 micron filter cartridge of a size we could use that I could find. I wanted to know if it would work.

He sent this, instead - it's got NOTHING to do with what I sent him:

The filter is polyester monofilament 35/37 micron - size 4 filter bag with a stainless steel ring.

The manufacturer is Knight Corporation-Part number PEMO354SS

I had never even heard of the company, but Google had. I went to their website and could only look at pictures, since they had NO part numbers or prices listed. I can't say as I have ever seen such filters, but they DEFINITLY need special housings, which the company sells. I called and the rep couldn't find that part number, but took the description and promised to get back to me. I am still waiting.

I replied thusly:

I have spoken to Knight Filtration and they could not find that part number in their system. I gave them the description below, but they have not gotten back to me yet.

I am also not familiar with this type of filtration system, judging from the pictures on their website. For instance, are there special housings needed for these filters? We may not have such special housings. Are the filters appropriate for 12 L batches? Also, we would prefer connections with either hose barb or sanitary fittings - does this filter set up have either of those? We had envisioned using a peristaltic pump to filter the solution as it went in the Zanasi tank, however that requires a housing that accepts silicon tubing.

A quick reply would be appreciated to facilitate the completion of the batch records. Thank you.

We need those batch records done so we can fill on the 23rd.

His reply:

How about buying these filter bags and attaching at the out-flow end? and a picture from the website I have already seen

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH. It's taking a hell of a lot of will power not to fire back a single line reply of my own, to wit:

Out-flow end of what?

MAYBE he means the Koruma (which is what we will be compounding in) but there is no 'attach', but he has never SEEN the Koruma. There is no way to seal it to make sure the solution doesn't just go over the top and skip the filtration step completely. And what about the fact that the part number doesn't exist? I am just supposed to pick something from their selection?! If so, can I just go back to the 100 mesh screen we used for the feasability batches?! The one he was adamant was 'too big'?! Please?! We know that works.....


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