Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I will be heading to sunny California for some training tomorrow, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a while. Then again, the hotel will likely have at least one computer with internet access if I really need a fix. Next large computer purchase will just have to be a lap top, I am thinking.

Speaking of computer purchases. Just got a new desktop, pieces and parts from and hauled the pieces down to Hutch to be assembled. Dad wasn't going to let them just sit until Daniel could come from Derby on Saturday and (as Daniel predicted) put it all together on Friday night. He left some of the software updating for Daniel, tho. ;)

Only problem was that he forgot I wanted the sound card from the older computer in the newer one.

Fact, you can copy the contents of one drive to another (which Dad did from the old harddrive to the new one) and then use the new OEM Windows XP software to 'fix' the old stuff and thus have the new licence on the new computer. All well and good, except he had to remove the sound drivers for the SoundBlaster Audigy to get the onboard sound to work. Um.... that's bad. Creative drivers are rather notorious. You can do a clean install just fine, but uninstalling them is messy at best. Like, REALLY messy. And trying to put them back.....ick.

Saturday Daniel got the card moved over, got the sound working on both computers, but was missing the controls for the SoundBlaster that I wanted to use to test that my speakers (surround sound) were set up correctly. Needed the disk for that, but I had left that at home, thinking it wouldn't be needed.

Got home, attempted to replace what I wanted. Wouldn't restart afterwards. Called Daniel. After 70 minutes and some panic (at one point my keyboard and mouse ceased to work - hard to scroll up to 'Safe Mode' from 'Start Normal' without either keyboard or mouse.) I now have a miricle. I told the comp to delete the Creative stuff, but not only is it all there, it's all working! Wierd. I don't plan to touch it now, if I can help it. Sound works and the speakers are set up correctly. That's what counts.

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