Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Got back from California on Friday. It was a very uneventful trip. No trouble with weather, or planes or anything. Extraordinary. Didn't get to the beach (no shuttle, couldn't figure out the buses, taxi was too expensive and I was NOT going to rent a car and try driving myself) but I did get to see the ocean when the plane took off out OVER it. Was very pretty and I nearly cried.

I did get out of the hotel - took their shuttle to the mall. Now THAT was a mall. (I have a new swim suit and the cutest sandels EVAH.) Three levels (of which I only had enough time for one) with regular old stores like Sears and Victoria's Secret, but with designer stores, too, like Vercacci (or however you spell it). It was extraodinary. Seems people actually DRESS UP to go to the mall... either that, or they just always dress up. Hard to tell.

Spent yesterday with adammaker pretending the world didn't exist. Weston is very interesting, and I think I need to go back to that Irish pub.

We went to see Star Wars III. Um. I thought my expectations were low enough, but I was wrong. As adammaker said, it was closest to lyric when no one was speaking. The action scenes were GREAT. The rest...was painful, at best. And this from someone that doesn't normally CARE. We couldn't quite get over just how bad it was. Using Darth Sidious' voice for 'Behold! The power of... CHEESE!" helped some. ;p
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