Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Had a good time seeing people at ConQuest yesterday. Actually got comments on my dress, which I was SO not expecting, since I really didn't think it stood out all that much. The print's bold, sure, but the cut is pretty standard.

How I missed seeing mckitterick, who I know was there, I don't understand. I missed jimmy_hollaman, too, but I am not as sure he was there. Lots of others I at least saw in passing.

Star and Andrea in their matching corsets ala Yosa

Yummy! I would assume Star's skirt is ala Yosa, as well.

This lovely costumer (Holly) always has something striking to show. Does anyone blame skyflame for wanting into that picture? Nope, neither do I.

By the way, that's an extraordinary toy he's got there. It lights from handle to tip, then de-lights from tip to handle, and makes all the right noises. I REALLY don't want to know how much he paid for it.

And my newest creation

I had intended it as a long vest, but it makes a rather nice dress.


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