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What an extraordinarily small world.

I just got an email from nkcmike explaining who he was and thus why he added me. Oh, yesyesyes, I remember you and your wife AND the (very good natured) pony you two claim was really a dog (great dane - which explains why he was so much thinner than your typical pony).

I added him back, but took a look at his friends list. mike_l looked familiar from malinear's journal just recently, so I clicked on the name. Sure enough malinear, thedarkbear and prncssvictoria were all in bold in his friends list (meaning we both have them on our friends lists). So I clicked on all nkcmike's friends.

hypatia42 proved the most surprising. Not only malinear and thedarkbear but fairgoldberry and radcliffe. Turns out that hypatia42 is nkcmike's daughter and mike_l is her husband.

I am simply DYING to know how seemingly different circles have met.

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