Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I'll be going to the Sedalia Ren Fest this Saturday, at the invite of a friend who really wants to see me. Because this is a 'date' I have been resisting the incredible urge to invite my Lawrence friends along. (It's cheap! It's close! It would be SO MUCH FUN! Let's caravan!) But its SOOO hard because It would be so much fun!

I am going with few expectations since I don't know much about the Fest other than there will be familiar faces (like Queen's Gambit, if I understood rowangolightly's post correctly) and it's a 'tent' festival. I imagine it might be much like Jeff City (which I attended as cast last year).

But what to wear? A friend who is cast suggested I come as a Spanish lady, but that costume is going to be HOT. (but SOOOO tempting, just the same). My friend isn't likely to be in garb, though. I could wear my lighter weight 'garb' but it's just not really period and I find I'm becoming a snob about such things. :O But the only other alternative is street clothes and that's just not going to do it! Oh, the indecision!

Edit: what fun - those Calvin faces are perfect for what I am feeling right now. LOL

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