Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh... bugger. I left my new swim suit hanging over the shower curtain rod (WAAAAAAY up there) in the stinky hotel room. No excuse short of failing to look up, since it was a black swim suit and the shower curtain was white.

Update: The front desk doesn't know what housekeeping finds, so I couldn't find out for sure if they had it (on the other hand I KNOW I didn't get it down and pack it, so there's just not too many places it could be) but they will mail it to me, as soon as they locate it. Also, I suspect I could have gotten more if I were more aggressive, but I'm not, and I swear they count on that. The manager asked what it would take to make things right for the smell, and I asked only that one night be credited back. He did insist that is was a cleaning agent - that sometimes it doesn't get rinsed enough. I won't say I really believe that, but I also see no point in arguing about it, either. It's not all that important what caused it, just that it existed. At least they didn't argue that point.

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