Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Had dinner with radcliffe last night and roya_spirit joined us later. She brought the scents she had just received and we had a grand time trying some of them. Seems she can pick 'em, since four of the five I tried turned out to go well with my skin. (the fifth one reminded me strongly of the deoderant bricks for toilets. Bleh.)

As the talk wore on one of the two mentioned knowing someone that put their scent in their hair and that got me thinking about whether or not putting scent in the hair would change it - that is, would the scent change over time the same way it does on skin. In particular, if rose scent would end up sour on me, if I put it in my hair, rather than on my skin.

So, I dug out my old bottle of Tea Rose perfume and sprayed some on my hair last night. This morning, it still smelled just like the bottle (where as, if I had put it on my skin it would have immediately smelled different, but nice, and would have, over the hours I was asleep, changed to a sour smell I don't like)

So, that was a success. Unfortunately, I am not so sure I like this scent any more. :p

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