Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Charlie and the Choclate Factory was a fun romp. Lots of quote-able lines and Depp didn't creep me out near as much as Gene Wilder did. This version also stayed truer to the book (although I think the ending was still different, but I can't seem to remember how the book ended.... nor can I remember anything from The Great Glass Elevator, come to think).

There is one particular expression (or perhaps series of expressions) on Wonka's face that I could watch for a long time. It's when the know-it-all TV/Video games boy asks to pick the next room they go to. It's's just perfect, such evil delight.

radcliffe and I in our night-out finery. SO much fun. radcliffe had this amazing hat and ringlet hairfall that was perfect

See verminiusrex's post for a group shot. adammaker was wearing his utilikilt and burgundy boots and made me fairly drool every time I looked at him. Heck, looking at the picture makes me drool.

Hee hee! Everyone but the kids (who belong to geekmom and verminiusrex) in that group shot are on LJ. From left to right and skipping the kids:

jackjob, geekmom, the_themiscyran, gmskarka, radcliffe, solan_t, adammaker


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