Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Now, that is a busy weekend.

Jam packed with excitment (for me. YMMV) and several unexpected events.

Friday after work, helped adammaker with his 'summer semester is over' celebration by joining him for dinner. Didn't help him with the dancing part, because I was rather wiped.

Saturday started when I woke at 6:30 (darn it all!)

By nine, I dropped my car off at the dealership for a combo oil change/recall notice (just needed to reprogram the computer or somesuch)
Was picked up by clevermanka in her new old '67 Ford Mustang (convertible! red!) and we went to Joann's in Kansas City so she could look for fabric for her Ren Fest costume. If our color senses were closer to the same, I would have been more help, but at least I found the demin she was looking for. But it's blue, and I like blues.... Anyway, I got some Simplicity patterns, including the new one that soniabunny pointed out.

One unexpected event - we saw Chris from the Jolly Rogers. He recognized clevermanka, but I assured him his lack of recognition of me was due to me just being audience.

From there we met up with rougewench and gamera_spinning at Costco so as to help clevermanka decide if she wanted to change her membership to there.

Second unexpected event - met Rob (aka MIA). Haven't seen him in a year, and I meet him at a Costco. :O Seems he has four foster kids now and I am sure that keeps him busy. Didn't get a chance to ask how that came about or how he was doing otherwise.

From there clevermankaand I came back to Lawrence and I picked up my car.

Next up on my schedule was jensixstones's game day. Got to play the new RoboRally. There are some minor changes to the rules, but nothing to shattering. Sad to see plastic figures now, but we can't have everything, I suppose.

After that game (and what a game it was - 6 people, one map square, four flags. It was carnage!) it was 5 and I knew I needed to head out to get ready for my next scheduled stop. But I got a call from one of the people I was gaming with reminding me that a mutual friend was leaving town THAT DAY. Oh..... booger. Turn around and stop by just long enough to say goodbye. Head back home and have just enough time to get and print directions.

The directions were a little odd, but got me there, none the less, so I picked up jimmy_hollaman on time. He then treated me to a lobster at Red Lobster (few quicker ways to my good graces). Contrary to what he seems to think (according to his journal) I had a fine time talking with him. (Quit being so hard on yourself!!!!)

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Bed time.

Woke at 6: 30 AGAIN. goshdarnit. Dozed until about 7:30, then realized I really needed to get laundry done. So, laundry and Dungeon Siege go well together.

About noon head out adammaker's way for pancakes and snuggles, then off to see Sky High at 2:35 with (oh, these lj tags are going to drive me nuts) radcliffe, starstraf and Pooch. Not bad. Definitly for kids, but not too bad. Had some really good parts, too.

Drop adammaker back off so he can get some sideline work done, then home for a little bit more Dungeon Siege, then off to wait for clevermanka and, a new person to Lawrence, auroraceleste (whom I first met through the corsetmakkers communtity) outside Amiee's which was, indeed, closed. I KNEW I should have taken the time to check that. We went to the Java Dive instead, hitching a ride in clevermanka's car, of course, because, well, wouldn't you?!

It's my considered opinion that auroraceleste'll fit right in. But I am very glad clevermanka was there to keep the talk going, since I seriously suck at that.

Home again, feeling VERY socialized out and begged off seeing adammaker again that evening, which was alright, since he was still busy with the sideline. Played Dungeon Siege some more (That mine is TOO BLASTED BIG) then to bed on time.


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