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When one's hands are full of one's lunch (in little plastic and styrofoam boxes) balanced precariously, be very, very careful going up the stairs. I don't care how many times you've taken those stairs without incident, (like, every work morning with breakfast in hand) just be careful. Because knees REALLY hurt when they hit a stair with your whole weight behind them. And backs of hands, that kept the food from going anywhere. Shocking that. Rather proud of it, too. But my knee is going to be making me PAY for it for quite some time to come, I think.

Knew getting out of bed this morning was a mistake. I didn't know the specifics, but there was just this feeling... of course, it could have been indigestion. Plus hunger. What a combo!

ANYWAY, I think I will pick an icon that makes me smile for this one.
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