Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I have refound the joy in knitting. It's taken something like three years, but I have the bug again. I was sitting on the van on the way home yesterday without a book and unable to sleep and it occured to me that I could be knitting. I thought about the actual motions and just NEEDED to pick some up. Thankfully, I left an afghan only 1/5 done, so there was a simple project just sitting at home. I found my fingers remembered better than my head, but my head seems to have caught up. So, now I have something constructive to do on the long rides too and from work. Wonder how long the bug will last this time? And I wonder what's going to happen to the sewing project(s) that I have sitting (dang those blasted grommets! And I am not much looking forward to binding off those tabs, either... and the thought that it still might not fit is so discouraging... but I gotta get the grommets in to check the fit....) or have been simply thinking about....

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