Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

bradhicks Post here got me thinking.

There's some 'rule' that people won't walk more than 660 feet? (which translates to about 2 to 2 and half minutes at a good clip). I really do find that hard to believe. I am pretty sure I walk farther than that to get from my parents' house to the Dillon's on Main Street in Hutch. And I don't consider that 'very far'. But that's only three blocks, so I could be wrong about it being more than 660 feet.

But when we lived in Renton, Washington (grades 3 and 4) we lived right inside the edge of the circle they draw around schools to determine who rides a bus and who doesn't. But the only road we could take to get to school (which was up a steep hill from our apartment) took a long loop out of the way, so we actually walked more than a mile each way. Every school day, no matter the weather.

In Australia, (Exmouth, Western Australia. Where temps were regularly 45 degrees C (~110 degrees F) in the SHADE in the summer) I walked to school, because the town wasn't big enough to need a traffic light, much less a bus. I am not sure how far the walk was (but I know it was several blocks), but I walked ALL OVER that town all the time, because my bicycle was stolen off the back porch almost as soon as it arrived and I was too young to drive, but old enough to want to go places.

Brunswick, Maine - as I recall what my mother said, we were, once again, right inside the circle for the High School bus (2 miles for high schools in Maine) so I walked almost 2 miles each way to school - In Maine. In the winter.

In fact, the only times I have ever been bused to school was when we were bused out to a magnet school (4-6 grade) in California and when we were bused to school in Bremerton, Washington from Illahee, Washingtion (grades 6-8). In the case of California, the schools for Murphy Canyon Navy Housing were WAY over stressed and the school we got bused to was in a black neighborhood and needed white kids (which I found hysterically ironic even then.) Illahee is unincorporated and has no school.

I guess what I am saying is, I am perfectly willing to walk considerably more than 660 feet, even on a regular basis, in less-than-perfect weather. Hell, if it took me 5 to 10 minutes to walk to work, I would do it, no question. (10 minutes was the lowest commute time I have ever had.)

How 'bout you?
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