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OMG! More proof I don't work in a vacuum!

First evidence was 8 years ago, when Thomas was born. The Marcaine used for my epidural was made at the plant I worked at, at the time, and I had done Final Release testing on.

Three years ago I was put on a project involving Gila Monster spit. First we referred to it by a letter/number designation, and then as Exenatide. It required rather more pre-processing of the samples than I had seen in quite a while (solid phase extraction columns, for those who care), which pleased me (I'm a freak). How I remember it! The baseline on the HPLC was full of little (and some not so little) peaks that had to be integrated and the areas transferred to Excel for calculations. (We were doing Related Substance testing, not Assay). They put me to the task of developing a better method of removing the metacresol, but eventually had me stop, as they had come up with a method that just ignored the metacresol (taking out the pre-processing step.

Um, you all didn't need to know all that. Anyway...

Last year I was moved from Analytics to Formulations and found an odd little fact. The standards we had been using were made by... US. That's not really usual for our operations. Usually, the standard is supplied to us by the client, who has someone else make it. Now, I learned this little fact by making Secondary Standard. How amusing. And we are scheduled to make more in October.

Oh, yeah, I was talking about not working in a vacuum. See, my UNCLE is on Byetta, which I just happen to call Exenatide or Gila Monster spit. His blood suger is stable, he's not hungry all the time and he's loosing about 10 pounds a month. Normally, people on diabetes meds have trouble loosing weight (which is rather sad, since weight loss tends to help with the other maintinence) but this stuff (all the testing was done with Byetta IN ADDITION TO accepted meds) turns that around.

But OMG, OMG, OMG, someone I know (am related to by marriage) is on a medication I had a significant hand in bringing to market! And it's doing wonders for him!

EDIT: Yes, I have posted (excitedly) about this stuff before. But now someone I know is ON IT!

Edit 2: It's all over Amylin's homepage

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