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This likely won't mean a damn thing to any of my readers but

Asheron's Call 2 is to close at the end of December. Not Asheron's Call, mind you, that ate up three years of my life, but the sequal that never thrilled me to begin with. Oh, the chat was wonderful, but that's pretty much the only thing I liked. The way swearing into an allegience was handled was nice (no level restrictions) but there was no point to it anymore. I said at the time, and stand by now, they gutted all the good things from AC and sold what was left as a new game. I never did understand a number of their game design choices (not that I could list them off three years later, but I do remember being very puzzled and disgusted). I guess I should not be surprised it's slated for death, but I am. Unless I am forgetting something that died soon after it started, I think this is the first MMORPG to truly, pulling-the-plug, no-one-can-play-anymore, die. (I am pretty sure there was one that quckly became 'orphaned' but it's still running without support, IIRC)

EDIT: I just learned that Turbine let srand go (Sandra Powers). I would have worshipped the ground she walked on, had I ever gotten close to it, and they promoted her, then let her go. Now THAT shocks and saddens me.

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