Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Thomas was wonderfully good at the Ren Fest this time. Wasn't nearly as touch-touch-touch, but then, we didn't actually go in many booths. He was also a very good sport and didn't ask to have the jerkin off until we were having dinner at the Waffle House. He did say once or twice it was hot, and he did scratch at the lacing in the front, but that was it. Sweet boy.

Anyway, the shirt is this wonderfully soft, thick (poor Thomas) linen that I would love to have a shirt made out of, but it was a remnant - there was just enough to make him the shirt. You can't see it in the pictures, but it is a white and off-white stripe with squares of interesting weaving (that snag like nobody's business). I found that box pleating a) is much easier if you don't care for precision and b) looks REALLY GOOD on sleeves.

The pants are just a sweat pant pattern in poplin

The hat is dark green velveteen that I made in less than an hour and a half this morning.

The jerkin in is the same fabric as my forepart seen here, specifically taken from a jerkin made by verminiusrex which he generously gave to me for the express purpose of making Thomas this jerkin.

and the back

Forgot to mention: the dear boy was a size L in height and a size S in width when it came to the jerkin.

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