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When I picked Thomas up from school on Friday he had just found a chrysalis that had fallen (how much help it had falling, I don't care to think about). It was very pretty - a pale, pale green with little spots of what looked like metalic gold. The wings were visible under the shell.

Well, we took it with us to Hutch, where we put it in a glass vase. I noticed some black spots when we first found it, but didn't know if that was color coming in, or going out or a bruise or what. I rather suspected we had a dead chrysalis on our hands, or one that wouldn't hatch until spring, but, hey, who cares.

When I checked on it last night, there seemed no change.

When I checked on it this morning (7:30) it was dark and I thought it had died. A closer look revealed that it had just gained butterfly colors! Over night. And they were black and gold! Could this be a monarch? or was it a viceroy?

At about 7:45 my mother says 'it hatched' and I run in to see, indeed, it hatched! It was desperately trying to climb the glass, so I went and got it a stick, which it happily climbed and commenced the important business of filling it's wings. Thomas was a sleep at the time and almost didn't want to get up to see it. After a quick look, he headed back to bed. LOL

Using pictures from the encyclopedia for "butterfly" (with a monarch and a viceroy right next to each other) I now know it is a monarch, and a very pretty one, too. I put it on the back porch so it can fly off whenever. It was still there when I looked at about 10.

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