Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

20 Things about me.

Some of these are relatively well know, some aren’t.

1. I am the eldest and only girl of 6 children.

2. I am a Navy Brat who has lived in California, Washington, Maine, Kansas and Western Australia.

3. I am uncomfortable looking people in the face, much less the eyes. Have been for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why. Perhaps I am afraid of what I might reveal to the other person, or afraid of what I will see. Or maybe I was told ‘don’t stare, it’s rude’ just a little too often as a child, who knows? All I know is: I have to make a conscious effort to meet people eye to eye. If I happen to find the person attractive, this aversion just gets stronger.

4. I have had the good fortune to have access to riding horses several times in my life. I never really got good at riding, though. To this day I have never been able to stay in the saddle at a canter for more than a little while and lets not talk about a gallop, okay? But I am VERY good at falling without hurting myself.

5. I spent a week on a sailing ship while in Australia. The school district for the state of Western Australia owns a sailing ship they take up and down the coast picking up student crews every week. That was a VERY fun trip, but we never really sailed (not enough wind the whole week). We did put up the jib sail for the experience of it. Those damn non-skid floors in the engine room HURT my sleep softened feet when I had to check the engine readouts when I had the night watch. I remember clearly waking up completely disoriented in pitch blackness and wondering what the hell happened and where I was on the ship (it was never that dark anywhere). I was, in fact, in a hostel after having disembarked just hours earlier.

6. I have a libido that can hit ‘damn near off’ for months at a time.

7. I seem to have a talent for ‘fiber arts’. Fabric, yarn, knitting, sewing, weaving, spinning. I can learn them all quickly. I am no expert at any of them, but I never have real trouble with them, either.

8. I was always good in school. Tests never bothered me except that I did my very best on them (even eye test – which is why my eye sight was so very bad by the time I got glasses) I avoided classes in college that required me to write reports or essays as much as I could.

9. I could be called good at math, but algebra very nearly defeated me. I can remember going round and round with my mother, trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing (although I don’t remember what the problem was – solving quadratic equations?) Both of us were near tears when my mother said ‘go ask your father’ (keep in mind, my mother is very good at math, too). So I went and asked. His explanation was just different enough that I finally got it. And from then on, algebra was just plain fun. Calc slowed me down a bit, but it is still a fucking cool concept. Did you know I needed the equation for the circumference of a circle once and could only remember the one for the area of a circle and used CALCULUS to derive the equation? Yes, I am a geek. But I also know you can integrate the same equation to the volume of a sphere. So there.

10. After saying 9, it may be surprising to know I did very poorly at math in Grade 11. But perhaps it helps if I add that a) I skipped Grade 10, b) I took the hardest two courses (they came together) and c) it was by correspondence course in Australia. Oh, yeah, I set myself up to fail. ‘Deed I did. On the other hand, I had a leg up for my college Calc classes.

11. Physics actually gave me the most trouble. So, why did I take a semester of Chem. Eng.? Because I was offered a scholarship and had NO idea that Chem. Eng. was physics with a thin veneer of chemistry. Repeat after me ‘intelligence and wisdom are NOT the same thing”.

12. I got an unbelievable thrill out of going to HCC and having a few of the teachers take one look at me and know who my parents and/or aunts and uncles are. Roots are something a Navy Brat doesn’t get much off. Oh, and I am very glad my mother pointed out the memorial at the Kansas State Fair grounds with the names of Hutchinson pioneers, and “Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Halloran” on it. That would be my mother’s great grandparents (my mother’s maiden name is O’Halloran). I don’t know about you, but that’s some pretty deep roots for this part of the US of A.

13. I have a memory like a sieve. Some things stick and some things slip right through.

14. I tear up at the lamest sentimental stuff. Which is bad, since crying (or coming close to crying) gives me a headache. Not that I avoid the sentimental stuff – far from it.

15. I chose Chemistry over Archaeology because a) I wanted to dig in the dirt, but was pretty sure I would end up in a museum and b) I tied for 5th in the state of Maine on a nationwide ACS test for Chemistry (the test was the first round for finding a team for the Chemistry Olympiad. I didn’t do quite so well on the second round. ;) ) It wasn’t until after I made this decision that I remember that my mother was a chemistry major before she quit college to get married.

16. My one and only marriage ended unusually amicably and my ex and I get along just fine. My ex’s new wife and I get along just fine, too. I am very grateful for this.

17. I have one child, Thomas, who is currently 8 years old. Three parents almost aren’t enough.

18. I am fascinated by origami.

19. For all that I love living in Lawrence, I miss the mountains and the ocean. Given my ‘druthers, I would be living in the Puget Sound area of Washington. It’s been almost 20 years since I was there last and pictures of the area will still make me homesick.

20. My mother called me “Kerri, Kerri, quite contrary” at an impressionable age and I seem to have been trying to live up to it ever since.
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