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The air conditioning here seems to be set for it to be hot outside,… - Melodramatic, corsetted mistress of the obscure
September 16th, 2005
03:22 pm


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The air conditioning here seems to be set for it to be hot outside, which it isn't. So I have goose bumps. But that's okay - we have OVENS. *just came back from holding her chilly hands on the glass front of an 80 degree C oven* (Yes, that's very inefficient. Things in that oven tend to be cooler on the side towards the front than the side towards the back. We just compensate. It's a dinasaur of a oven.)

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Date:September 17th, 2005 03:08 am (UTC)

Cold in office

We're in a beautiful new office east of our old one in Johnson County (formery at Quivira and College, now between Glenwood and Metcalf on the south side, the Del'Sarto Building), the move was over Labor Day weekend.

Since we've been there we've been freezing our asses off! So this Wednesday, a HVAC guy comes in because someone reported that one of the sensor boxes has a broken cover. As he's standing there pondering it, he goes, "My goodness, it's way too cold in here!" He is greeted by a mostly unison chorus of "You bet your ass it is!" (I'm usually too hot, and by the time I got home Monday, after the weekend of 90+ at Fest, I felt ill). If I'm chilly, the skinny girls HAVE to be suffering! One had a thermometer in her cube and it read 61!

He was able to make the adjustments and fix all the problems, at least on our floor. The other side of the problem is that some of the real offices had hot air blowing into them, sometimes up to 90 degrees....

An hour later it was up over 65 deg. and by thursday morning it was 74. Yaay.
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