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Hey, it works.

At Media Party someone (I am currently confused as to exactly which 'someone' it was) mentioned needing to take some Claritin for the bug bites he had gotten. A little light went on in my head - I suddenly realized I couldn't remember getting any really itchy bites for quite some time. Like, as long as I had been on allergy meds. :O Could it be true?!

Well, today I have proof. There are three mosquito bites on my ankles and they are only mildly annoying, rather than near madness-inducing. If this is the way most people react to mosquito bites, it's no wonder they haven't been ruthlessly wiped out yet. Pre-Claritin this many bites would have me feeling vaguely ill, in addition to itchy-to-the-point-of-utter-distraction. Any more than this and there wouldn't be anything 'vague' about the 'ill'.

Gosh golly gee willikers, more proof this stuff really does work!

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