Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

OMG Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible,,13509-1811332,00.html

Every once in a while I think they are actually rational... then something else happens to mess it all up again.


As I was driving home from work, I remember a short story from WAY back in my past. I can't remember title or author (or even when I read it) but the storyline, which really twisted my head, is very memorable.

It starts with the author telling the tale of her childhood, with incidents used as examples of just how odd her mother was. She was strangely distant, but indulgent, with a knowing smile.

About the time the tale-teller is 16 or so a man appears, naked and unconcious in their backyard. Her mother seems to be expecting this and brings him in to nurse him. The girl falls for the man and at one point takes his arm and says 'mine!' to which her mother just smiles that knowing smile. I can't remember what happens next, but I think the man wakes up and he and the mother just leave together one day. Not long after (same day? cant remember) the girl falls through a rift in time and finds herself in the same place some 17 years earlier... and there's the handsome man. The girl decides to steal a march on her mother and sets out to seduce him. End result - she gets pregnant.

But the man just up and disappears one day. :O The girl is stuck in time and pregnant. What can she do but just wait - he might come back, after all. In a few years she starts getting a sense of de ja vu right up until she realizes that she really is remembering what's happening from the child's point of view . At that point she realizes she is her own mother and if she just waits, her lover will show up again... right about the time she won't have her child around anymore.

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