Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I had a very fun (if occasionally chilly) day.

I took bardsong to the Ren Fest and took her to all the shows we could manage (well, not the jugglers and such, since she would have gotten limited enjoyment out of such visually-oriented shows), which she says is something she's never gotten to do before. It seemed such a logical thing to do, I don't know why. She seems to have enjoyed herself and there are some very funny shows out there (not that I didn't know that already)

Met lots of people. There were the usual suspects, Queen's Gambit (with desahra!), Tartan, Bard's Bouts, jimmy_hollaman (whom I make sure to come say hi to, since he's stuck), fantomas71 (whom I also seek out to say hi to, because I can and it's sometimes difficult...), malvito, and Madam and her stumpets (am I forgetting some usual suspects?).

Didn't find feonor either of the places he said he'd be... but I found him in the lanes and had a squeee moment with hugs, so he's not going to get the teasing I planned for him. :p We all went to listen to Tulamore after that.

Met up with angelbedwell in the lanes in civvies and had another squee moment with hugs from her. I even got a waist-high hug from one of her daughters. I love waist-high hugs like that.

But the really shocking meeting went something like this: The woman walking with a man in front of me turns her head and I think 'gosh, that looks like Kimberly Tandy...." (whom I have met all of...oh... five times?) So I take a good look at that man and think 'and that does, indeed, look like the back of Thomas' head!" SQUEEEEEEE, The Tandy's came down from Nebraska for Ren Fest and I just HAPPEN to be walking behind them?! Maybe there is a divine power, after all. So, I just gotta get their attention and pass around hugs, and tell them about the changes at Quintiles, (Thomas and I worked together for 3 years at Quintiles, after working together for three years at Oread). What a stroke of luck THAT is. And their little Elli is so cute! She wasn't sure she remembered me, though. ;)

Did NOT manage to meet up with adammaker or dragonet2/rohanna/Dr. Paisley, however. :( This makes me sad.

Oh, and the doublet radcliffe made for Cliff is gorgeous. I mean, he's scrumptious all the time, but that doublet! *swoon*

Now, we attended Tartan's all audience participation show, which was fun, but when the audience was supposed to drink the entriety of whatever was in their hands, the girl behind me failed... spectacularly. Blew Orange soda all over herself, and me. My hair is a sticky mess.

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