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The mood I'm in, I probably shouldn't be posting, but....

I am really glad so many people enjoyed Sunday (this sound like the opening for something snarky, but I really am glad - it was a fantabulous day). I found it mixed.
(borrowing a bit from gmskarka)
The good:

The weather - fabulous. Just what I was wanting all along. Not only that, but it was a Thomas-free weekend. Timing is every thing.
Because of the weather, I could wear my Spanish gown and, boy, but I reveled in the comments, both directed at me and overheard. No, I'm not proud. :p
Starting the day with Queen's Gambit's first scheduled show (I was getting my hair braided during the opening)
Hanging with the wenches and seeing them in action.
JR's All Request show/pub sing (which, as far as I am concerned, is just one long show. ;) ) pure enjoyment. And yes, I am sadistic enough to really enjoy the parts that don't go quite right. ;D Pub sing is just getting better and better. Pity there's only one more weekend. :( I am seriously considering dragging Thomas out next weekend just for the afternoon to catch that and a few other things.

The Bad ranges from scary, to annoying to just plain baffling.
First and foremost, my corset. Now, the Spanish gown really needs an Elizabethan corset with wooden busk, as the pattern for it was made from a duct tape form over same. But my first corset was too big and I didn't want to take it in even more, so I figured I would use the same pattern, but with smaller measurements. The second attempt (worn at Muskogee) dug into my belly every time I sat down. Fine, take three. THIS one dug into my belly ALL THE TIME. When I took it off I found I had put it on just a little askew and the point was digging in just to the left of my belly button. If I had put it on correctly, the point would have been IN my belly button (deep hole, that) and I strongly suspect it would have been just fine. HOWEVER, the corset also bruised my upper ribs (never had that happen before) and I don't know why.
I was pretty sure this would be my last full day at Fest, possibly even my last day at Fest, period, for this year. That's a downer.
A friend nearly passed out during his first performance, was found to have an elevated blood pressure and when home. So, that was a niggling fear all day long.
Because of the above, I no longer had a built in dresser to unlace me at the end of the day so I could drive. Oh, the stress: To ask someone else and risk being a bother, or just see if I could get out on my own. (keep in mind, my corset was hurting all day and I wanted OUT.)
Several friends were sick (rowangolightly for one, to the point of no voice :( )
While I am glad I finally did it, Queen's Tea really isn't worth it.
Missed Bard's Bouts. *pout* Either you all weren't at the C. Pub at the same time as Saturday, or the Marquee just didn't have you (I was too lazy to walk to the front gate for a schedule)
And the baffling one - I can't quite decide if I really was getting a 'go away' vibe from someone, or that was just my fear/imagination. If it was real, was it a general 'go away' or a more specific 'not right now' kind of warn off? I really need to stop picking at this one....

The Ugly
I try not to make such judgement calls. ;)

Same late people on the van, dammit!
And someone was wearing a perfume I found offensive. Heavy sigh.

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