Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Caffeine at dinner time is such a bad idea.

I found an online pattern generator for a smock (This one) and noticed that there were very few bias lines and everything was straight - perfect for tearing versus cutting. Intriguing.

It occured to me that I remember seeing a certain amount of white linen left over from last year's underpinnings... would it be enough? Well, I found it and while it was in two pieces I couldn't think of a good reason not to put a shoulder seam in the longest piece (the only thing too big for the lengths I had). Not only THAT, but if I turned the pattern around on the fabric, I could make a smock as long as the linen was wide and it would go nearly to my feet.....

It's now 40 minutes past my bedtime and all I need to measure and rip/cut out is the four side gores. :|

But, oh my goodness, that smock is going to feel good when it's done....
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