Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

My week, just so you know why you haven't seen all that much of me.

Monday - spent all day on one project, most of that time sitting around waiting for other people, but completely unable to DO anything other than sit around. Such fun. But I ranted about that already. Had a scratchy-to-sore throat, but kept telling myself it wasn't the first sign of a cold. Took Vitamin C anyway. I am utterly blanking on what I did Monday evening, but I think it involved a certain amount of hot water, chamomile tea, lemon juice and honey. Oh, and knitting.

Tuesday - And to wait until D. came it to start the controlled substance project, so it got done around the same time as Monday, but this time the people needed were all there when I needed then, so I got that off my hands a little after noon. yay. Rest of day was devoted to setting up for Wednesday. Sore throat was declining, but the sinuses started draining - classic signs of a cold. But I still didn't want to believe. Took Vitamin C anyway. Even went out to dinner, but it turns out I really needed to be forced to eat.

Wednesday - Vault was closed for calibration... not sure WHAT was being calibrated, but.. Anyway, didn't get the drug substance until about the same time as the previous two days and thus didn't finish until the usual time. Again, all people I needed were there and it was off my hands by about noon. Bad news, though - a contractor came in to check the glovebox we were using for the controlled (and potent, darnitall) compound and found there was a leak... that he couldn't find to fix. He was still looking for it when he called it a day. Uh-oh. After eating, P. and I got to work on making the buffer for the standard we needed to make for the SECOND big project for the week, then made the standard. We finished filtering it just in time to go home on time. I was expecting to be coughing up a lung and exhausted by just moving around, but it didn't happen. Wimpiest Cold Ever. Not that I am complaining. Had the Thomas for the evening, so we stayed in and had pizza.

Thursday - Contractor is STILL looking for the leak, so we have to go walkabout looking for a glovebox with a balance that will go high enough for our compound needs. Most gloveboxes around here are for making analytical standard solutions and are, therefore, microbalances. We needed an analytical balance. We ended up using the warehouse's sampling room glovebox, after practically putting our first born children up as collateral to insure we WOULD clean up after ourselves. Ended up starting about the same time we had started all week, and were, therefore, done about the same time. But this time, the DEA was in house and it was more difficult to find the people we needed, but not near as bad as Monday. Before starting to look for a glovebox, we had gotten two other people started filling the standard into the 5000 vials needed. So, after offloading the controlled substance, we dove into filling vials. Weee. About 3 pm I get called to the cube of the head of QA about some batch records we HAVE to get done SOON. Lots of changes, that I can't actually make (too afraid of corrupted files going over email, therefore only two people can actually make changes. Phooey) I end up spending from about 4 (when the meeting ended) to 6 essentially retyping up the batch record, so I can send THAT file to J. so she can cut and paste those changes into the batch record. Was still wondering what happened to the impending cold, for all that the sinuses were still draining and coughing was still happening sporadically. Got home late, hungry, and was offered dinner. Who am I to refuse? Came home, showered, went to bed.

Friday, so far - finished labeling the vials, have the Notebook in for review, got a little ID fiasco on the batch records sorted (I hope), have poor J. making all the changes to the batch record, including the ones that were impractical for me to do in the Word file, and now must start in the report for the making of the standard. Have noticed that I am feeling rather like I did all the time before allergy meds. Hmmm.... Tonight, I have Thomas and tomorrow I should be going horseback riding.

I think I have figured out what was wrong with my knitting (which I have ripped out twice now). I had to replace one of the yarns with a totally different brand (and substance. Old was 100% wool, new is 100% acrylic. I know that's a bad idea, but it was the nearest I could find to the old color). I believe the new yarn is just a LITTLE bit thinner than the old and it was doing a number on my pattern size. Since the pattern is quite bold, it was really noticeable. After trying to knit more loosely (which only ended up with uneven stitches) I have gone to one size bigger needles and that seems to be about right (or close enough it's not as noticeable).
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