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Thank you, nkcmike and aminita! It was very good to have a horse under me again. It was cold, windy and rainy, but that didn't stop me (shortened the ride outside, though). I was surprised I remembered as much as I did. They had me ride for a while in the barn (it woudl have been the arena, had it not been raining) to see if I knew what I was doing, for which I am grateful, because then I learned I knew what I was doing. :)

I learned some other things today, too. I learned that I use my legs more than I thought I did. True (the horse I was riding) doesn't usually respond to leg cues but he started getting fractious (never had a horse kick under me before...) and J. suggested I stop using my legs so much. *blink, blink* I was using my legs? *thinks* So I was! When I made a conscious effort to keep my legs still, True calmed right down. Of course, it could have been the riding crop I acquired about the same time, but I really think it was the fact that I quit bumping his sides so much.

I also learned that I just EXPECT to fall off, or completely lose my balance if I lose my seat or a firm grip on the stirrups, not because it's natural to do so, but because I learned to ride a horse that took advantage of such things. Today, I would realize I had lost my seat, or the stirrups and was allowed to just get them back - I didn't have to fight for them. Man, that was sweet!

Here's to hoping for nice weather next time I have a Saturday or Sunday free!

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