Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

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Something clevermanka said got me thinking. Jounal entries that are full of introspection. You know, like a real journal? But one you don't expect anyone to actually read (at least not in real time). Since my introspection is usually caused by something that has happened to me, and most of the people I know are on LJ... well, that means I would very likely be writing bout things my friends touch off and they might just recognize themselves (or think they do, with might just be worse) and be upset or uncomfortable or guilty or any number of uninteded things, because that's just the way my intospection runs.

So, I suppose that's why you don't see much true introspection here (or, I think, other journals) because there's just too much chance that feelings could be hurt for no good reason, or hopes raised unfairly, or or or. It's no real wonder so many stick to politics or memes, come to think...

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