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I can only blame my previous ignorance on the inadvisability of playing with commands in most programs, but I learned two things today completely by accident.

First, I learned that rolling the mouse wheel while the calendar window of our Lotus Notes was up moves the calendar. I had been wondering why the only way I could find to change months was such a PITA. Now I know. There really is a much easier way.

Second I learned (to my confusion, at first) that hitting Ctrl-n (rather than Shift-n) in IE opens a new IE window. Why I didn't know that before, I can't really explain. I mean, it's in the menu, for goodness sake!

In other news, I have access to again. No idea why, probably will never know. I have no idea when or if I will lose it again.

I really should be writing a report, but I keep thinking of distractions....

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