Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Laughing at self

ConTraception has something called the Cindy McEldery Memorial Cookie Orgy. One year I made these sinfully rich butter/sugar/jam cookies that seemed to go over well. The next year, the woman that organizes the event, T., specifically asked me to make them again. I asked what jams and she made suggestions (actually, this may have been for the Green Room at ConQuesT).

Last year, I was waffling about whether or not I would make the cookies again, when I get an email from T asking for them. So I made them.

This year, I was NOT going to make cookies. I just wasn't, but I hadn't mentioned that to anyone. This time she CHALLENGED me in a public forum. Bwahahahahah, has the woman got my number or what?

I will be making cookies tomorrow. :p

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