Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

This is unique.

I'm using my journal to actually, well, journal. But since seeing what I eat each day and how many WW points it is would be BORING, I'm leaving it private. No need to thank me, all part of the service.

However, I have no idea how many points to award my Friday waffle. I know it will be horrendous, but I'm not sure how horrendous. But I won't give it up! I tend to give up a lot of things I can't determine points for, but not my waffles! I'm tempted to assume it uses all my discresionary points for the week, however. That should be 'safe' enough. :p

In other news, I strongly suspect today will be a long day again. A. has all of us going in different directions, but those 100,000 capsules we made yesterday really need to be inspected... by SOMEONE. Soon. Hmmmmm.

Edit: Dottie's Weight Loss Zone is SOO useful.

From Denny's

Belgian Waffle, 1, w/o sides, 6 oz (304 cal/21 g fat/0 g fiber/23 g carbs) 8
Cream Cheese, 1 oz (100 cal/10 g fat/0 g fiber/1 g carbs) 3
Whipped Cream, dollop, 0.3 oz (23 cal/2 g fat/0 g fiber/2 g carbs) 1
Blueberry Topping, 3 oz (106 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/26 g carbs) 2.5
Cherry Topping, 3 oz (86 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/21 g carbs) 2
Strawberry Topping, 3 oz (115 cal/1 g fat/1 g fiber/26 g carbs) 2.5

That ought to be close enough.
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