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First, a little history.

Last year about this time I was driving home from ConFlation (in St. Louis) in a snow storm. wee. I had stayed for (part) of closing ceremonies because I knew a drawing of me was to be auctioned off. I didn't actually stay long enough to see that. It was already snowing before closing ceremonies and I finally couldn't make myself stay any longer when friends from KC got up to leave. So, I drove home in a snow storm. It has had a strong impact on me.

This year, the weather didn't look too bad when I left Lawrence for St. Louis. I still contemplated leaving by noon instead of staying for closing ceremonies this time. Leaving by noon gave me a good 5-6 hours of daylight for a 4+ hour drive.

Well, as luck (or something) would have it, the weather turned. I left St Louis a little after noon under partly cloudy skies and was being rained on about two hours out of Lawrence.

Another bit of history. I craved Waffle House waffles this whole weekend starting when I passed the Waffle House in Bonner Springs. I was just never really hungry enough this weekend to brave the cold and the unfamiliar town. So, I promised myself that I would have Waffle House for dinner in Bonner Springs on my home.

So, it's raining when I get to Bonner Springs. It was snow mixed with rain by the time I left Waffle House.

It was rain mixed with little balls of ice by the time I got to the East Lawrence exit from the Turnpike.

It was purely little balls of ice by the time I reached home.

I am VERY glad I didn't stay longer.

I also hope my KC friends, that stayed longer than I, get home safe.

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