Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

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Why do I do it?

"It" being reading sappy short stories that make me cry. Honestly. That does a number on the sinuses, making breathing a mouth exercise and, besides, it's really hard to read through tears.

Oh, and if you encountered an anthology titled Crossroads and other stories of Valdemar wouldn't you expect to see a story titled Crossroads? Or, barring that obvious assumption, perhaps a reocurring theme of crossroads in the stories? Well, you'd be wrong, on both counts. Guess the title got set before all the stories were. :O

The temp is STILL rising here at work. It was 75.0 by my thermometer when I got here. The thermometer currently says 75.7. And me dressed for the outside weather. At least I could take off the sweater, but the flannel-lined jeans are problematic. Hey, clevermanka, I'd trade with you if I could.

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