Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

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*grumble, grumble*

black ice behind my car where I had to stand to scrape the back window

*grumble, grumble*

lower back pain after 'finding' said black ice (thank goodness for Motrin in the work medicine cabinet)

*grumble, grumble*

A 'discussion' about whether or not I should use a spoiler warning when talking about a story that's older than ME.

*grumble, grumble*

Off to cook up a foul smelling concoction to send to the client so THEY can smell it.

Actually, that makes me rather happy. I'm a bad woman.

Edit: Adding another grumble. Putting all my hair up in a swishy high pony tail for ALL DAY LONG without having done this in a long time is a bad idea. And I really can't take it down at work - looks rather weird.

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