Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


There definitely seems less snow in KC than in Lawrence.

I still don't know why I wake around 5:10 every morning. I never hear anything once awake, but I suspect it's my upstairs neighbor moving around or something of that sort.

I really don't like sour tea. Therefore, I don't like rose hips in my tea. Which means I was in for a shock when I had Tazo's Passion, as I failed to read the ingredients until AFTER I plunked the bag in the water. Not only were there rose hips, but *shudder* citric acid, as well. Three bags of sugar weren't enough to make it palatable. didn't even give it the lemonade effect. What kind of freaks like sour tea, anyway?!

Thank goodness Shirley was at the grill this morning. She uses butter rather than the spray oil the other guy does. Scrambled eggs taste so much better with salted butter. And the oatmeal wasn't the next thing to bread. I'm not sure it's really Monday...

I was unsure of a great many things five years ago, when Pat said he wanted a divorce. One thing I wasn't unsure of was that I was very happy never to have to visit his father and step-mother ever again. So, why did I agree to have dinner with them all on Christmas Eve? Because I didn't remember they were going to be there. Oh, well. I never could put my finger on why they made me uncomfortable, but put it down to differences in culture between the East Coast and the Plain States/West Coast I am used to. But I don't think I am going to forget anytime soon what they did that last Christmas. Pat and I were only talking about seperating, but his dad and step-mom sent the usual butt load of presents for Pat and Thomas, but not so much as a card for me. Yep, not even out of the house and I wasn't family anymore. Why did I agree to this?!

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