Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

There's this show on the History Channel about whether or not Revelations is talking about the war in Iraq. The thing is, even my 8-year-old son is picking holes in some of the connections. lol

Edit: Now it's the whole "Bible Code" nonsense. As far as I can tell these people just keep looking until they find what they want to see, then claim it's divine 'something'. In science, if you just keep looking until you find what you want (while ignoring what doesn't tell you what you want to hear) you become a laughing stock. You'd better have an airtight, logical reason for ignoring all the contrary data. What's the saying about an infinite number of monkeys on typewriters and Shakespeare? Yeah, that.

Oh, yeah, and aren't there NO vowels in the original Hebrew? So any vowels are the assumption of the reader? I know I can come up with ALL SORTS of words just looking at some vanity plates and adding vowels until something makes sense.
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