Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Seems to me, things that are a passion when I go to sleep are kind of 'meh' when I wake up. I assume I work through the passion in my sleep or something. Case in point - a corset pattern I altered and cut out yesterday evening. It was too late to start sewing it at 10:30 (apartment dweller, don't you know?) so I went to bed. As I was in the shower I realized I was avoiding the sewing for some reason, when leaving it undone last night made getting to sleep difficult.

Where upon I starting thinking about what I planned to do, got the passion back and triggered ANOTHER oddity in myself. I interupted the smooth flow of habit in the shower and very nearly forgot the condition-the-hair and wash-the-face steps, after skipping directly from the wash-the-hair step to the wash-the-body step. LOL. Thankfully, some part of my brain noticed and managed to break in on the corset-planning train of thought.
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