Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Right then!

Couldn't decide which icon to use "corset short', 'sewing action' or 'head desk'. So I rolled a die. 'Head desk' it is.

Using the C gores in the Silverado, with size 20 for the bust/underbust, 14 for the waist and hips and B gores in the hips (total of four) and some help from auroraceleste (thanks again!) getting into it (and the loan of her stiffer bones for the front) I found that:

1. I end up with the same shape I ended up with my altered Dore. But the Silverado is rather more work.

2. I squish out the top of any corset that has the tension I want at the waist. Fine. Next time I will try a separate lace for the top third of a corset.

But not this time. I am done with the Silverado. DONE I say. phooey.

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