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So, I was watching the National Geographic channel while sewing.

They are just finishing up a show on Master and Commander. At the end, they showed a three master that sails up and down the western coast of Western Australia picking up school kids for week long stints as crew. As I was sewing, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, but slowly it came to me - that ship pretty much HAS to be the one I was on as a school kid crew. We never had much wind for my week, but they had us put up the jib sail once, for the practice. :) I remember port from starboard, red light from green light because of that voyage, not because my dad was in the Navy.

I ate oysters right off the reef; snorkeled (without glasses, so things were.... interesting. I am pretty much blind without them) around a small shark; had some of what I would call a lobster (but the catcher did not) filtched out of it's rocky hole BY HAND; tramped around small islands that rarely see humans; realized that currents can be STRONG when we jumped off the bow and let the current carry us to the ladder near the stern (the water was SOOO clear and the sand so pale we could almost think the water wasn't there at all.); cursed having to check the engine in the middle of the night, because I my feet swell and the floor of the engine room was metal with bumps to stop skidding which felt like they cut my bare feet; woke up in pitch black not knowing where I was for a good 5 or 10 minutes until I finally figured out that I was in the hostel on land and would be flying home the next day.
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