Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


In Morrowind one can make Constant Enchantment items using pretty much any spell you have in your spell book This means that any spell you have on the item will be in effect for as long as you wear the item. This can be VERY useful.

There is a spell set called 'Bound'. Essentially the spell 'binds' a daedra (other-planar being) in whatever form the spell requires: spear, sword, helm, boots, what have you. You get the daedric form of what ever it is (which is pretty much the most powerful form).

I had been reading about making an item with Bound Helm, Boots, Gloves and Cuirass and decided to play with it, because the Bound versions have no weight and come with some nice little buffs.

I first though to put them on an belt, but the four spells together required more 'enchantment points' than even the best belt had. But in my quest to FIND one of those belts I came across a helm I knew had lots of enchantment points and bought it.

I put all the spells on. Then I tried to wear it.


tried again.


Okay, this is reproducable. Perhaps I should look into this, because I KNOW this can be done.

This is where I start not-thinking well enough. Because I thought the problem was that I was already wearing a glove and that was causing the crash.

Took everything off before putting on the helm.


Light dawns. The HELM would have to come off for the Bound Helm to be on. No wonder it couldn't do it.

I ran out, got a ring (with enough room) and now have the CE item I wanted.

But, boy, do I feel stupid.

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