November 3rd, 2003


Anxiety attacks are teh suxx0r

Sorry, I have spent too much time on chat boards with 15-year-olds, it would seem. ;P

It has been several years since I noticed these things. At the time, I would cycle out thinking 'I'm upset about SOMETHING, what am I upset about?" and could usually find something. Then, I blamed it on low blood sugar, and with some reason. Now, I am not so sure, but I AM sure that I don't have anything to be this upset about, so it just makes me irritable and out of sorts, instead. The fact that breakfast hasn't made the feeling stop tells me it's not low blood sugar, or, at least, not ONLY low blood sugar. Any ideas?
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Car update.

I have NO patience - none. I went to teh dealership over lunch, and now have a hold on the car until the checks clear. I took two friends from work who wanted to see and drive a hybrid, so we had fun, too. I am SOOO excited I can't walk without bouncing. It's white, and that color is growing on me. Did you know it would be MUCH easier to color match if I needed to?
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