December 1st, 2003

Bite me

I am, perhaps, a little too anal about being punctual.

This would likely be a product of growing up with a mother that usually ended up being late on account of little children who had not yet developed a sense of urgency. I know I was part of the problem for several years, but I grew out of it. In social situations, I don't mind tardiness for the most part (although, I start to worry if a friend is late and I don't know why), unless there is a hard timeline (airplane schedules, for instance) but I get really miffed at people that mess with work timelines.

I am in a vanpool of 11 of my co-workers. The driver is also a co-worker and a personal friend. He has set the departure time from Lawrence as the end of the fortieth minute after 6 (which means 6:41) by the van clock. We all know this and agreed to it.

Some just CAN'T seem to do it. They arrive IN THE PARKING LOT at 6:41 and just expect us to wait for them to get out of their cars, load their stuff in the back and get in the van. So, on days when these two are riding, we don't get out of the parking lot until 6:42 or 6:43. "Who cares", you are thinking, "it's just minute or two", right? Well, it's just a minute or two EVERY TIME THEY RIDE with us, or darn near. I should be grateful they only ride two or three times a week.

Today was just classic, tho. Our usual driver took today off, so we had a back up driver. At 6:41 P arrives in the parking lot, so we wait for her. B (today's driver) asks about J (the OTHER late one) and P says "I'll call her". B tries to say something about 'but it's time to go now' but instead of just driving out, he waits for P to call. Turn's out J is just at Naismith and 'will be here in a second or two' (try, three minutes!) so we wait for her.

We left the parking lot at 6:46.

So what, you say? It's just 5 minutes. But they do it all the time and it made us LATE to work.

These are the two that came into the parking lot LATE one morning, when the Checkers parking lot was being resurfaced and we gathered outside Z's coffee shop, and then went straight for COFFEE before getting in the van.

But I am so punctual I irritate THEM, so it would be a very bad idea for me to say anything to them and no one else will, either, it seems. :(
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Swiped from rougewench She's on a roll, today. :)

To continue the meme, take off two films you don't care anything about, add two that you really really do, and rank them in order from couldn't live without to couldn't care less...

Spirited Away
X-men 2
Star Wars
The Princess Bride
Princess Mononoke
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Full Metal Jacket
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