December 11th, 2003



Two years ago my father's oldest sibling (my Aunt Shirley) knit scarves for the whole family (that's a lot of people, folks!) She called them 'a warm hug from her' and they are quite warm, very soft and pleasantly wide (they make nice shawls, in fact, or head coverings, heck, they make really nice LAP covers, I have found.) Yesterday and this morning made me really appreciate my aunt's 'warm hug'. It's bittersweet because she died of cancer this summer. She was entirely too young.
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Some of you know R, who I dated from November of 2001 until Feb of this year when he called and said 'I am in love with E' I knew he was planning on marrying E soon, but I just got an email saying the wedding is TOMORROW. :O
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