September 14th, 2004

Lab coat

"I got to wear my site uniform today!" or "Kerri is easily amused"

I was given the impression that it would be a while until I got my scrubs (they are replacing the site uniform of khaki pants and green or burgundy polo shirt) and didn't even bother looking for them. But I mentioned my lack and was informed that my scrubs had been hanging in the storage room for some time! My bad!

I never knew scrubs would be so comfortable. And dark blue is such a nice color. :)
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The missing lives!!!!!

He-who-was-MIA just sent me an email!

Lord knows when the next will be....

Edit: too, I wonder if he will keep his promise to come to the Ren Fest. At the time I thought he was strangely emphatic about the promise and seemed to be promising himself, more than me. Like, I was just a witness.... as if he expected to be withdrawn and wanted some way to force himself to go.
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