September 19th, 2004


Ren Fest weekend three (weekend two for me)

(Okay, this is just the parts I am willing to share on LJ, I admit it. But did you expect anything else?)

Wonderful people to work with, handsome gentlermen to flirt with (oft times, these are the same people...), cute children to charm and be charmed by, delicious and sinful food to consume, tempting wares to resist (helps that I left my credit cards in my car....) and my parents, my youngest brother and my son were there, as well.

I presented my Father and my son to the King and Queen of Spain, when I noticed my mother was HIDING behind another patron, trying to stay out of the way! Why did I never notice this behaviour in my mother before? But then, always before, she would have a camera in hand to explain it, when I think of it. I didn't let her get away with it, of course, and she was duly presented to the King and Queen.

Youngest brother had a cell phone and was off exploring by himself before I could present HIM.

I asked Gustavo to teach my son the proper way to kiss a lady's hand, and my son was willing to practice on my hand! Success! As I recall, he kissed Isabella's and the Queen's hands, as well. My father surprised me. Either he already knew the proper way to kiss a lady's hand ( :-O How did I not know this?!), or he was a VERY quick study from Thomas being taugh.

The queen gave Thomas the task of kissing 5 lady's hands and that the hands he had already kissed didn't count. We managed to talk him into one before bashfullness won out. I will see if I can't convice him to get the other four this coming weekend, if I take him as playtrons.

Enough typing! I am sleepy!