September 21st, 2004


There is nothing so blessed as the surcease of pain.

Every once in a while life reminds me of that.

Woke about midnight to extreme pain in my pelvic region. I had decided that I would see my doctor today (it's the 21st already) but the pain induced me to just hit the emergency room, instead.. Well! Now I know what a urinary tract infection feels like, and have some idea of the early signs and you better believe I will be in to my doctor almost as soon as I notice, if there is a next time.

Maybe I can get back to sleep soon. The medication helps, but they don't take the pain away completely... and this with codeine and tylenol! So not looking forward to when that wears off.

In the emergency room they ask you to rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10. I find that rather hard, since I am pretty darn sure I have never experienced a 10. I recon I would be unconscious about then. I would say 9 involves incoherence and 8 involves writhing in pain, wimpering to crying and tearing of the hair. I reached 8 before the meds kicked in. Only migraines (and maybe childbirth - I don't actually remember that all that well) have made me reach 8 before. The part that kills me is, I have been feeling the symptoms since last Thursday, but have been 'too busy' to see the doctor. Won't happen that way again any time soon!