September 25th, 2004


News flash!

Accompanying a non-medicated, ADHD 7 year old is MUCH more difficult that accompanying a gorgeous, fabulously-attired, patron-attracting Queen of Spain. No, really. Don't believe me? I could arrange for you to take him off my hand.. I mean, I could arrange for you to take him to Fest some day. ;) Although, I am thinking the non-medicated part had only a little to do with it.....

My energy level was hitting rock bottom about 1 and I decided to keep my promise to William Dew (Doo? Do?) and come play with him for a bit before going home. Thank goodness for him! He's good company and allowed me conversations that weren't variations of the theme of 'Thomas, don't DO that!". Because of his company, I managed to stay until a little after 6. A pity his future schedule and mine aren't expected to coincide again.

And the outfit made by Yosa rocked just as hard as I knew it would. :D

And, yes, I AM tanking up on cranberry juice, just in case.