October 7th, 2004

Lab coat

A trip down memory lane, thanks to verminiusrex

Tell me about a friend you'd like to get in contact with that you haven't seen in
1. at least a year
2. at least 5 years
3. at least 10 years
4. at least 15 years
5. at least 20 years
What is their name, what were they to you, when did you know them, and how did you lose touch with them?

1. Kelly my roomate at KSU. I have been in tenous touch with her, but haven't seen her in about two years.
2. Not sure, but I believe I have a cousin or two I haven't seen in 5 or more years... extraordinary!
3. John, my first boyfriend in college... my first kiss, too. sad, eh?
4. Jonathan Can't quite call him my boyfriend from middle school, but we were pretty much inseperable
5. Jimmy - my first mad crush - from second grade!