October 12th, 2004


Today's Origami a Day instructions include...

7. Hold tight (*) so that the top swells and not the bottom as you blow open.

Okay... I am reminded my mind is in the gutter....

9. Carefully unfold. If the front end did not swell big enough, refold and blow again.

That just CAN'T be just me. And it doesn't help that the shape is supposed to end up as a rocket ship.....
Lab coat

Posting fiend again. Can you tell my protocol is on hold?

(and I am fighting a post time issue. I have a 'backdated to the future' post that isn't showing on friends veiw. Too dang weird. I think I will just start hand dating my posts)

I haven't been playing AC recently. I think the last quest I died on (four people all high level, LONG ASS SLOG to where I died and no way back but to haul my team mates back to the beginning to start the LONG ASS SLOG all over again) killed any interest I had left. I think I may just not log in at all and lose my cottage... with everything in it. If I am not coming back, what difference does it make?

Anyway, I still cruise the AC boards, just not as often. So I found these little gems and was reminded I LOVE SRAND. Not only did she breathe life into AC by coding in stuff we had been asking for for ages (and stuff it never occurred to us to ask for but we can't live without anymore) but she's a riot to read. I swear, every once in a while, I was tempted to head out to Boston and do the 'We're not worthy' thing. :p By her co-workers' reports, she's a riot in real life, too.

Anyway, she's got an updated bio here: http://ac.turbinegames.com/index.php?page_id=283 (Ibn is the PR guy for AC. He's VERY GOOD at what he does, which is take a lot of **** from whiners and STILL give us well balanced, even toned, professional answers, among other things)

And a DevDiary here: http://ac.turbinegames.com/index.php?page_id=284

Edit: made the mistake of reading the Letter to the Players for this month.... http://ac.turbinegames.com/index.php?page_id=37&pagebuilder[module]=article&pagebuilder[display_item]=156

I may just have to log in tonight before the movie, pay for my cottage and pick up that free level for Solan Thommad at least (I thought I missed patch day and therefore missed the free level giveaway)
Lab coat

Still over posting.

Found this horror.. I mean horoscope for Scorpio

"Today - Fantasies, dreams and wishes that seem to have already come true could get in the way of reality -- but you won’t mind. Be sure you’ve got all your chores done before tonight, because you definitely won’t be in the mood later. Tomorrow - Whatever -- or whoever -- you want will be impossible to stop thinking about now, so don’t even try. You may want to distract yourself for a few hours with a little something called work, though."

I am reminded of the saying about monkeys banging on typewriters....